Friday, February 20, 2009

Both Tiger Air Crafts Downed

The confirmed sources says both LTTE aricrafts had been shot down. Sources say the first plane downed on the IRD building following anti-aircraft gunfire. over 40 persons, majority civilians were injured in the downing of the plane. One person later died. The other plane went down at Anamaduwa following F7 attack.

LTTE aircraft shot in the skies of colombo

Unconfirmed reports form Colombo indicates that one of the two aircraft's carried the air strike had been shot down by the sri lanka air force.

the following link provides an insight of the usage of light aircraft's by the LTTE. Click here to view the article.

LTTE Aircrafts attacks Colombo 20/02/2008

Latest reports form colombo Says that two tiger air crafts have bombed the city of Colombo. The location was a civilian settlement and the inland revenue department. 28 Civilians are reported injured and one civilian killed. The location of the explosion is in close proximity to the capital Colombo.

The anti aircraft guns was heard firing form the roof tops of the secured buildings. The attack
comes after few hours the defense ministry has announced that it had finally encircled the tigers last bastion.

"Two aircraft came and the engagement is still going on," said Lankan air force spokesman, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara.

The LTTE aircraft was spotted over the skies in northwestern Mannar forcing the authorities in Colombo to activate air defenses system and shut down power supply in the national capital.

According to sources, the radar in Mannar detected the LTTE aircraft short while ago following which the air defense system in Colombo was activated.

Anti-aircraft guns were heard firing in the air in Colombo.

Power was cut off and searchlights pointed to the sky to detect any suspected LTTE aircraft, he said.

Troops in the north reported that two unidentified aircraft were heading towards Colombo, the sources said.

In the last few months the Tamil tigers of Elam (LTTE) conducted 9 air raids at Colombo and suburbs. The Srilankan Air force if equipped with Chinese made F7 interceptors and radars to counter the treat.

The latest reports indicated one aircraft was shot down by the air force.

More information will follow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

AMD Phenom II Overclocked to 6.5GHz - New World Record

The story sounds familiar: Intel hits a new milestone in nanometer architecture, and AMD waits a while to follow up. It happened with 65nm processors, and it's happening again now. Two days shy of a year since Intel launched Penryn, its first 45nm chip, AMD is finally ready to counter with a few 45nm CPUs of its own--Phenom II has finally arrived. But based on our hands-on testing of two Phenom II machines--the Dell XPS 625 and the Maingear Dash--the chip isn't quite as dominating as AMD would have you believe.

AMD Phenom II Explained

AMD is positioning Phenom II in between Intel's Core 2 Quad and Core i7 offerings. Phenom II chips are available in two versions, the X4 920 and the X4 940 Black Edition, which compete tit-for-tat against Intel's highest Core 2 Quad CPU frequencies at 2.8 and 3.0 GHz, respectively.

AMD Phenom II CPUAMD bumped the shared L3 cache of the Phenom II processors up from 2MB to 6MB, giving each CPU a total cache of 8MB. L3 cache serves as a shared memory space for the cores to draw from. Increasing the amount improves the CPU's ability to pull data from this faster memory space instead of having to issue slower requests to the system's main memory. The move puts Phenom II processors right in the middle of Intel's Core 2 Quad lineup for cache size, but the result is still short of the 12MB caches found on higher-end Core i7 chips.

Though limited overclocking of the 920-edition processors is available through AMD's OverDrive software, the company is tipping its hat toward the extreme-performance crowd with its Black Edition processors. These CPUs run multiplier-unlocked, which liquid-nitrogen-armed enthusiasts have been able to exploit to frequencies above 6 GHz, surpassing the world record for Intel Core i7 processors, which stands at 5.5 GHz. 

The new world Record

In the past, the AMD Phenom II has been overclocked to an extremely impressive 5 GHz. And while this was extremely impressive, it would seem that AMD wouldn’t want to be outdone.

AMD’s own Pete Hardman and Sami Makinen were able to overclock an AMD Phenom II to a blazing 6.5GHz, at an operating temperature of –230 degrees Celsius using liquid nitrogen and liquid helium as their cooling agents.

Should you be interested in seeing the whole process play out, be sure and check out the video here (and, as is usual with videos of this nature, prepare your ears for some awful trance music).