Friday, February 20, 2009

LTTE Aircrafts attacks Colombo 20/02/2008

Latest reports form colombo Says that two tiger air crafts have bombed the city of Colombo. The location was a civilian settlement and the inland revenue department. 28 Civilians are reported injured and one civilian killed. The location of the explosion is in close proximity to the capital Colombo.

The anti aircraft guns was heard firing form the roof tops of the secured buildings. The attack
comes after few hours the defense ministry has announced that it had finally encircled the tigers last bastion.

"Two aircraft came and the engagement is still going on," said Lankan air force spokesman, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara.

The LTTE aircraft was spotted over the skies in northwestern Mannar forcing the authorities in Colombo to activate air defenses system and shut down power supply in the national capital.

According to sources, the radar in Mannar detected the LTTE aircraft short while ago following which the air defense system in Colombo was activated.

Anti-aircraft guns were heard firing in the air in Colombo.

Power was cut off and searchlights pointed to the sky to detect any suspected LTTE aircraft, he said.

Troops in the north reported that two unidentified aircraft were heading towards Colombo, the sources said.

In the last few months the Tamil tigers of Elam (LTTE) conducted 9 air raids at Colombo and suburbs. The Srilankan Air force if equipped with Chinese made F7 interceptors and radars to counter the treat.

The latest reports indicated one aircraft was shot down by the air force.

More information will follow.

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