Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Edge between antiwar campaigns and LTTE propaganda campaign

Srilanka the island nation is in one of the most critical times in known history. There are signs the government forces is nailing the coffin of LTTE once a powerful outfit. Due to the evident succession in the eastern province the government of Srilanka has launched a full scale war against the LTTE in the north. The objective of this mission is to liberate the un-liberated areas in the Northern Province in the country from the shadow government of the LTTE. The current status of the war favors the Srilankan forces where they have 8 divisions surrounding the LTTE held territory while 4 divisions are just few kilometers behind kilinochchi: the administration hub of the LTTE outfit. Considering the speed of the advancement of the army it seems only a matter of time before the Killinochi falls making an evident gain in the offensive. The capturing of this town along aside with Mullativ will mark a physiological setback for the Tigers.
The LTTE strategy to face this situation was to defend their lines and force the international community (especially to India & Tamilnadu). One his heroes day speech the spireturak leader of the outfit V. Prabakaran has urged India to take part in the issue and arrange an end to the ongoing war ( India is our friend, we are not against any country, remove the hindrance of ban)"
But the situation of India has changed dramatically with the series of attacks launched at the commercial hub Mumbai by a terrorist organization. The political analyzers predict a dramatic change in India s involvement towards the war against the Terrorism. India which has already extended the ban of LTTE for 2 more years will not want its hand in a war between a terror organization and a neighboring country.
As the foreign involvement form far form coming the only chance for LTTEs survival last on the fact to convince the international community on human rights violations. And due to the suicidal attacks took place the security forces takes no chances. Every one is checked and suspected. And not often the freedom is experienced in srilanka due to heavy search operations. The majority of the community accepts this though it has a significant effect on their life. Only a very few criticizes the government for doing so. The LTTE propaganda machine often reports abductions of a white man. But most of the abducted people are found on the foreign countries after a while.
It is a known fact that more than 300,000 people are abounded with the war in the north. And the NGO are making a big noise for a cease fire. But what they forget is the LTTE is not letting them to cross over to government controlled areas. The civilians are kept by force as a defense shield. Its not an exaggeration to say that the LTTE has build most of their new camps with in the camps of the IDPs. This protects them form long range artilleries and aerial attacks. This is a part of LTTEs strategy.
If the LTTE could be forced to let the IDPS leave that leave only the two sides in the battle field. But the LTTE doesn’t want to that to happen which will make them volatile for Arial attacks and artilleries.
With the above facts it’s easy to identify the an anti war campaign at this time is doing exactly the what the terrorist wants. So though the anti war campaign is not an LTTE propaganda campaign what happens is that they become evident for what the terrorist demands. So some times you have to select the solution which may not seem the more benevolent for the goodness of a larger quantity.

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