Monday, November 24, 2008

NoKia n99i : A disgrace to Nokia Outfit

Nokia a prestigious name in the mobile world. And the Nokia N Series comes with all the cools features. But the cost hmmmm. I was wondering for a better choice. And then was i received the information of a Nokia N99 about six months ago with all the cool features plus a huge set of usable features.

the total feature set looks like the following
Detailed Product Description

Royal VX-888+ 24k gild diamond
* Style: Slim / bar type for Men
* Material: metal cover
* Weight: 280g
* Dimension: 114mm * 44.5mm * 15 mm
* Color: gold with silver
* Frequency: GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900
* Display: 1.88 inch TFT monitor, 260K color
* Camera: 2.0 mega pixel CMOS digital camera
* Memory: 128M bit FLASH + 64MB RAM
* Battery: 900mAh lithium
* Language: English/Chinese
* Ring tone: 30 polyphonic
* GSM Phase2 + GPRS Class B 10
* Sunplus SPCA554 Multi-chips
* Build-in Pulsator, antenna, T card
* Support 3GP video and MP3 player,
* Support T-FLASH, SMS, MMS, MP3,MP4, VMD and MIDI
* Build-in 3 games
* Support STK extra services
* Support with audio and memory depends on T-FLASH
* Support local recording, memory depends on T-FLASH
* WAP Browser (support WAP2.0, 1.2.1)

Well a total of cool features for $300 . Well I did brought this. Well did work for two months until the charger went off. So I visited a local shop but that type of particular charger is not available. Damn it i was so confused. I tried all the shops even the importers but the chargers was not available. Finally i had to use a universal charger.

Then my display went off. Once again no parts. I was doomed. Then i started my search on this phone I found some really nice stuff on this.

If you remove the casein of the phone, you will see that the phones motherboard is Motorola. And the imel will tell you that the manufacturer is also Motorola. (but its only the main board)

In addition the operating system is not Symbion as for most Motorola phone. Neither is it Nokia Os or windows CE. Its something else. This os is very common in most of the unbranded Chinese made phones, irrespective of the brand. for the phones withe lesser features the functions wont work. So its like a more general purpose operating system.

I will add more information on this phone as i finds out but up to now these are certain ,

1. This phone is not original Nokia
2. its parts are very rare
3. Its a Chinese made jargon
4. The license of its software is doubtful

Nokia phones are never like this. they are reliable & durable. Parts are very common.So i was shocked with all these. So my advice is don't buy this.


SanJ Wijeratne said...

I never knew that u had a Nokia N99i. Hmm Interesting... ;-)

nethdeco said...
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Techno News said...

hi, thnx for inspiring me.....

H@$$@N said...

HOLY CRAP I was just gonna buy it. but why do i still want to but it? i have fell in love with it's features like TV

i don't know what to do help me

Ricky said...

Hi there, I bought a brand new Tintele TV N99i Quad (AKA fake Nokia n99i) yesterday and would like to share some info with you guys:
1. The phone looks amazingly expensive, I mean it. When I saw it first time I almost fainted, and I’m saying “”iphone-like” not other crap.
2. Software is horrible. Looks like the old phones from 10 years ago, those first color screen ones, I mean it. If you want high quality screen, dont buy it.
3. It works really well and the touch screen is actually very accurate and responsive, but again, quality wise, it lacks by far.
4. Cameras…mmmm…I dont even use it, because even a 5 megapixel is crap nowadays, so image this 1.3megapixel…no more to say… but it has 2, front and rear.
5. The very good thing about it is that it has up to 8gb memory, plays mp4 in full screen and you can use mp3 as ringtones (for messages it cant….big NoNo again)
6. It is advertised as handwrite recognition…but it DOES NOT RECOGNIZE ANYTHING. Is a simple touch screen phone, nothing else.
7. The volume is realllllly high, even number 1 is louder then a scream, so you have to use the vibration if you want to be discrete…
8. TV….mmmm, very low quality, nothing as it is described. It’s pretty much a really bad and old tv quality.
9. Radio….terrible sound, loses quality and voice goes on and off all the time.
10. In general, is a phone that looks reaaaaaaly expensive with a 3″ screen but when you look at the screen you can tell is cheap and nasty stuff.
It does the job: call and send messages. Dont expect to see high quality stuff/icons because the screen is very poor quality.
PS: Im in NZ and cost NZ 160 (around 80 US)

In short, this is clearly a fake phone and it will last no more than 3 moths, according to all reviews from older users. So enjoy while it lasts....