Friday, June 19, 2009

Fedor 11: Making a Way Out

Since i have been a fan of fedora since fedora 8 it has added its newest release fedora 11. Since fedora is one of the most user friendly and stable linux distributions avaliable fedora 11 seems to come handy.

As noted these are few of the best features in Fedora.

1) Fast Boot: Fedora developers' goal was to get users from turning on their PC to a GNOME login screen in 20-seconds or less.

2) Ext4 file system by default. Ext4 is the latest official Linux file system, and its biggest advantage is for servers.

3) Better graphics. Fedora 11 uses X.server 1.6 for graphics and that means you'll see an overall better and more stable display.

4) Synaptics touchpad improvements.

5) Fingerprint - Extensive work has been done to make fingerprint readers easy to use as an authentication mechanism.

6)Virt Improved Console - In Fedora 10 and earlier the virtual guest console is limited to a screen resolution of 800x600. In Fedora 11 the goal is to have the screen default to at least 1024x768 resolution out of the box.

So why not try it out for your self .................

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